Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tea Break

A slight break between the Old Testament females and the New Testaments ones today, just to take stock. 

It's been a blast - from the archetypal temptress Eve, who turned out to have faith despite her monumental slip up; through Sarah and other nonagenarians who thought they'd never have children, till God intervened. 

We've seen prostitutes, outsiders and King's mistresses become part of the family line of the Messiah; a feisty turn with a tent peg; a female military leader; women in love; women in war; women in poverty; women in royal palaces. 

Sadly there have been some who were unable to make an appearance due to lack of information, or lack of actual belief in God...

Before we launch into the fabulous females of the New Testament, of which there are number, a moment to consider some other possible unsung heroines:

Mrs Noah: You're building a WHAT???
Mrs Methuselah: Yes, we're celebrating our 900th wedding anniversary today!
Mrs Pharaoh: Those frogs are RUINING the paintwork. Get Moses back here NOW!
Mrs Moses: He's always too busy to spend time with the family...
Mrs Job: Will you please stop picking those scabs before we all catch something?
Delilah: I'm in love with this guy who has religion in, like, HIS HAIR!!!
Mrs Jonah: I can't get the smell of fish out of those trousers whatever I do.

With these wonderful womanly voices echoing down the pages of the OT, we turn to the NT tomorrow...

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