Tuesday, 20 March 2012

27. The woman at the well - thirst quenching conversation

Another encounter leading to a commission today. It's one of my favourite stories of a woman meeting Jesus. 

The flow of the conversation by that well is as fresh as the living water promised by the Christ. It goes roughly like this:

Jesus: Give me a drink.

Woman: Are you out of your mind?

Jesus: Well, true... if only you knew, you would have asked me for living water.

Woman: Are you mad? How would you get such water?

Jesus: I mean water which will satisfy you for ever.

Woman: I want that!

Jesus: Go call your husband.

Woman: Haven't got one.

Jesus: Correct. You've had five; and the present guy you're not married to.

Woman: You must be a prophet. I can talk religion.

Jesus: Forget religion; God's looking for a people of the Spirit now.

Woman: I guess Messiah will sort all this out.

Jesus: That's me!

Woman: Wait there, I've got to go and tell people!

Dim disciples: Time to eat.

Jesus: More important things than eating are going on here.

Rest of the town: We believe that He really is the Saviour of the whole world!!!

The deep irony of all this wonderful spiritual stuff going on and the disciples plodding in with their packed lunch hang ups while Jesus ignores all social, religious and gender conventions to engage an apparently hopeless outcast, is just mind boggling. The woman at the well has the longest recorded conversation with Jesus, and is thereby a worthy faithful female at this seemingly long halfway point in Lent.

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