Thursday, 8 March 2012

16. Abigail - had her wits about her

A great story today, celebrating the quick-thinking, initiative-taking, prudent and peace-loving Abigail.

Here we have David, handsome son of Jesse and anointed king, though at present still wandering the countryside with his band of men and a lot of sheep. 

Here also we have a fool called Nabal - 'surly and mean in his dealings', married to Abigail.

Now it's a hard slog out in the open country - for a while, David's and Nabal's flocks have been in close proximity and there's been no trouble, so David now sends a friendly message to Nabal, asking for a little hospitality.

Nabal sends back a rude message; David gets into a steam and all of a sudden, there are 400 of David's fighting men bearing down on Nabal's home. Honestly - these hot blooded men.

Cue Abigail. 

Tactical and courageous, she immediately organises a massive charm offensive, saddling donkeys with delicacies of fruit, wine and meat, and sets off to meet David and his troops in the mountain ravine. David is still breathing blood and thunder, swearing he will not leave a single male of Nabal's company alive by morning. Abigail falls at David's feet asking for mercy and pleading Nabal's stupidity. She cannily also suggests that this is a divine opportunity for David to be spared from avenging himself by bloodshed. David is impressed, sees her sense and accepts the gifts, saying 'May you be blessed for your good judgement (...) go home in peace' (1 Samuel 25: 33, 35).

A Hollywood ending has Nabal die shortly afterwards and David taking Abigail for his wife. 

What it would be like being married to David the hothead I am not sure ('you've put the tent pegs WHERE????') but I expect she managed admirably.


  1. can you deter from reliving your domestics on line please??

    love the story, love the pic. they're all gorgeous your pics. my best thing ever at the moment, as Kaspar would say. where d'ya find them.

    not especially liking the new look blog though. it does some weird things on my screen. so now i'm typing but can't see the 'publish' button...

  2. yes I see what you mean. it's all a mystery to me too, e.g. with this new look blog I can't see how to 'share' it to Facebook at all...there used to be a share button somewhere...?