Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fabulous 40 for Lent: 1. Eve, mother of all the living.

Here's a challenge - can you name 40 faithful females from the bible? On the first attempt without looking anything up I ground to a halt at 29....Come on ladies, there must be more of you! Eventually I came up with a FABULOUS 40 - one for each day of Lent. So here goes...

First up - Eve.
Apparently there's a female rapper of this name, so my initial foray into Google images got nowhere - I had to type in 'bible Eve.'
So 'bible Eve', in pictures, is mostly saddled with the serpent; nasty crafty creature, and of course that apple of temptation, now probably the most iconic brand image in the world.
But is there anything to emulate in Eve, the first of the fabulous 40?

  • Her name is palindromic and very easy to spell
  • She's created in the divine image. (Wow, what does that say about God?)
  • She makes the man whole.
  • She is 'the mother of all the living' (Gen. 3:20)
  • She had faith 'I have brought forth a man with the help of the Lord.' (Gen. 4:1)
  • She loses a son; another becomes a murderer, and she gives birth to another without apparently losing that faith - 'God has appointed for me another child' (Gen. 4:25)
Not bad going for an icon of temptation.
Thanks for kicking things off in more ways than one, Eve.


  1. Enjoying the first of 40 - are there really 40?

  2. Claire, you're not biased towards Eve are you per chance?!

  3. On my first go (without checking the Bible) I could only get to 24. I am looking forward to this series.

  4. There's a few here from Nancy Wallace: :-)