Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lent for Extroverts 13: Leadership Rap

Leadership Rap (Bring it on).

I am a relational (conversational)
leader; an undefended, mended, moulded and 
missional leader.
A leader without spikes,
a leader who likes

I have parish plans emerging from my
head; in bed I think of vision,
values and pyramids,
and discerning, co-opting,
one to one relating.

I want to thrive,
not just survive.
I want to equip and empower.
Now is the hour.

Courageous, contagious,
and vulnerable of course,
I weep with the best of 'em,
and cajole the rest of 'em.

I'm God-centred, well mentored,
wisdom infused, enthused by
stories of prophets, priests and kings,
when they weren't idolising, hesitating, 
or consummating with
someone else's wife.

Responsibility's my middle name,
I'm ready for the game,
in wilderness, feast or celebration,
even when there's no remuneration.

I'm even embracing chaos,
complexity, emergence.
I'm a 'quiet' leader, a great reader
of books. In fact if one looks carefully,
I am trying to do it all prayerfully.

The butterfly effect can be seen
across the other side of the world,
a small change cascades to the ground
like water.

I'm fleshing out 
and about,
words on a page,
imagining a future great age 
of growth.

Sometimes I need a lie down.
I can be relied upon
to be found on the sofa
at three, just me 
and another leadership book, see?
Sleep comes easily.

Copyright Claire Alcock.

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